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Pop ups and opt in forms are so common these days that you expect to see them on most websites. One might even say that we’re generally numb to these pop ups just like we are to advertising banners.

But what if the pop up we saw was something we were interested in?

Would you sign up to get the freebie if it was valuable to you?

Of course, you would. But herein lies the problem…

Even in one niche, people could be interested in different things.

For example, if you were in the ‘affiliate marketing’ niche and you were dispensing information on increasing one’s sales, some of your visitors may be interested in making money on ClickBank, while others are looking for tips to promote physical products on Amazon and so on.

Within the niche itself, there are differences. But with most conventional pop up tools, you’ll probably display the same pop up and freebie across your site.

Or you may have different pop ups, but you still won’t know for sure if you’re targeting the right person with your freebie.

Now… if only there was a way to show a relevant pop up to a visitor based on their actions on your site…

Guess what?

Now there is… and it’s a brilliant piece of software called ConvertBox. Let’s see why this tool is taking the online marketing scene by storm…

The Pros

· Personalized messaging

Yes! ConvertBox can even send messages such as, “Hi John! Welcome back…” to the visitor because it’s tracking the users on your site. This is something you’ll not see on most sites and will definitely make an impression on your visitors.

· Targeted lead messages

What ConvertBox does is that it tracks where your visitors are coming from and the actions they take on your site. If we used the earlier example, ConvertKit will know that a visitor to your site is reading mostly posts on affiliate marketing with ClickBank.

Now it will display a pop up that offers a freebie such as ‘7 Tips To Getting Sales On Clickbank’. You can bet that the visitor will be much more likely to sign up for this freebie because that’s what he/she is interested in.

This is how ConvertBox targets your visitors. Of course, you’ll be the one creating the different opt in forms and lead magnets, but this extra effort will yield exponential rewards and accelerate your list building.

· Wide variety of forms

There are many custom forms within ConvertBox that you can edit and tweak to quickly create forms for your site.

· Easy to install

You’d think that such an advanced tool would be difficult to install… and yet, that’s not the case. You can install ConvertBox on your site and use it in minutes.

· A/B split testing

ConvertBox will allow you to split test your pop ups, etc. You’ll have access to real-time analytics so that you can keep your winning forms and ditch what’s not working.

Always remember to keep split testing against your control. Improving your conversions is one of the best ways to speed up your list building and generate more sales.

· Extremely easy to use

The drag and drop feature in ConvertBox will allow you to build forms fast. Even beginners will have no problem using the software. You don’t need to be ‘techy’ to figure it out.

· Audience segmenting

When you use ConvertBox, you’ll be able to segment your visitors into different email lists. If you want a higher degree of targeting, you can use the tagging features within your autoresponder to further segment your visitors.

This feature will allow you to send highly targeted emails to people who are interested in specific offers you’re selling or promoting. Not only will you get more sales, but you’ll have less unsubscribes too.

· One-time fee

With most of the SaaS (Software as a Service) tools charging a monthly fee, ConvertBox only charges you a one-time fee and you can use the tool for a lifetime. No recurring costs here.

The Cons

Despite it being a one-time fee costing $495, this amount might be too much for beginner marketers on a tight budget.

However, if you’re just starting to build a business online, you don’t really need ConvertBox. This tool is more for established websites that are already getting traffic and need a higher degree of targeting.

Should You Get It?

If you have a niche site promoting several different products, you’ll definitely want ConvertBox to segment your audience and build more targeted lists for you.

This is one of the most unique software tools on the market. Since it’s new, it still hasn’t caught on yet – which explains why early adopters are getting a one-time payment option.

Once ConvertBox goes mainstream, you can expect to pay for it monthly. So it’s best to get it early (now) while it’s still a one-time fee. This is a very powerful tool that will increase conversions, sales and build your list faster than you ever thought possible.

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