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Day 28 - Solo Ads

Now this is how you scale!

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Our 7 Income Systems...

1. List Infinity:

This one's pretty obvious, and makes the absolute best lead capture system I've seen.

It builds your list virally, pays you $100 instant commissions (HUGE), and is monetized with multiple streams of income, including Lead Lightning (Power Lead System).

Cost to upgrade List Infinity - $125

Cost to upgrade Lead Lightning - $7

2. IPS:

This is the natural and obvious progression, as it can actually have you earning $300 instant commissions.

Yep, just like LI, IPS pays you instantly! And $300 is no chump change. Just think how easy it's going to be to earn any advertising costs back...

And then some.

This is why both List Infinity and Infinity Processing System should be at the top of your funnel, as your lead-in offers. Instant cash means that you can activate/upgrade all the rest of our offers both quickly and easily. It also means faster traffic turnaround for far more exponential growth than you'd experience if you had to wait weeks to get paid.

Definitely go for the $300 package, if you can.

Lots of great perks and training, beyond the $300 instant commissions. We'll be doing an extremely thorough deep-dive of IPS starting on Day 11.

For now...

3. Power Lead System:

This may be the most potent business opportunity for the average person to get rich with today.

Recurring, multi-tier, high-ticket, and pass-up commissions abound. The only way to really wrap your head around the potential...

Is to get inside and see for yourself!

4. Multiple Income Funnel:

Any system that includes the mighty Power Lead System within it has gotta be something special, right?

The truth is, MIF combines four income streams (with a few bonus streams to boot) into one sexy funnel!

It also features TextBot.ai, MLGS (more great overlap), Traffic Authority (earn up to $3200 per sale)...

And Scalability Pro, which allows you to earn more with Traffic Authority, with much less of an investment.

Sincerely, you have GOT to get yourself inside of Multiple Income Funnel if earning a MASSIVE, life-changing income is your amibition.

You'll thank yourself!

5. OLSP & SFH:

This one is absolutely game changing! Without ever having to invest a penny (if you don't want to), you can earn tons of ongoing commissions...


Just imagine following along with a simple, viral, no-cost (or low-cost) traffic strategy...

And once you send this traffic, the leads are cookied to you FOR LIFE!

This means ongoing revenues forever. You don't have to work for them. All of the marketing is done for you.

Recurring, high-ticket commissions are being on your behalf, literally for years and years to come. It's revolutionary!

Sign up for both, as they go hand-in-hand with each other. Be sure to actually go through each one's FREE training program.

Your jaw is about to drop. :)

Your Final System Revealed Soon... Stay Tuned!

Our 7 Traffic Sources...

1. MyLeadGenSecret:

For just $1 per day, you'll receive 100 brand new leads daily... that's 3000 leads per month!

Refer just one person (including yourself... by buying a NEW account through your own affiliate link)...

And these leads will be boosted to 200 daily... or 6000 per month!

A built-in mailer is included, so everything is done 100% in-house.

The affiliate program is also 5-tier, meaning that you earn on your referrals' referrals' referrals' referrals' referrals! Crazy, right?

You also earn bonuses. Get just 5 new customers in a week, earn a $100 bonus... no limits!

With Freaky Funnel, and all of this will be done for you automatically!

The cost for each account is $60 for your first month, and $30/mo. thereafter. As of this writing, I have 12 accounts! I recommend five.

Two at a minimum. :)

2. April's Rolodex:

April loves FREE and super cheap traffic.

Do you?

If so, be sure to check out her Traffic Rolodex now!

3. Launch Jacking:

Extremely easy-to-get traffic. Simply do brutally honest traffic reviews of new launches in the MMO (make money online) space.

If you like the product you're reviewing, promote it as an affiliate and provide bonuses.

If you don't like it, don't. :)

Either way, recommend Freaky Funnel to your audience. Say "To see my #1 pick for making money online today, go to YourSite.com"

YourSite.com, of course will be the site you've been building out using the Freaky Funnel process.

Be sure to provide a link in your video description and/or article!

4. YouTube Playlists:

Simply record yourself going through each of our income systems and sending traffic.

Show your results and/or the results of others who are using each income system... FB groups are great!

Create one playlist for each of our 7 income systems. Each video within each playlist should include a link to that system itself...

As well as a link to your Freaky Funnel squeeze page. 

5. TT, IG, and YT Shorts:

Quick & easy traffic!

You can do this without ever even saying a word. Pick a song, write some text, and point people to your Freaky Funnel squeeze page!

So simple, yet you can get tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of new subscribers!

You can even outsource this. :)

This is today's hottest traffic.

Don't miss out!

Both List Infinity and IPS include great training.

6. Product Launches:

This is the single best traffic method on the planet. You can launch your own products centered around FF.

Create a new product focused on a single traffic method. Then, encourage your customers to send their traffic to Freaky Funnel. :)

You'll not only have tons of affiliates promoting your product and making you money, but you'll be getting proven buyers into Freaky Funnel!

Consider offering 100% funnel commissions to get way more affiliates on board.

Trust me, you'll make WAY more from having more buyers get into Freaky Funnel than you'll "lose" in potential launch profits.

John Thornhill is a multi-millionaire internet marketer with both a product launch coaching program...

And a partnership where he'll not only help you launch, but also get you all the affiliate support you need, including from him personally.

Click the button below for details...

Your Final Traffic Source Revealed Soon... Stay Tuned!

7. Solo Ads:

While product launches give you the best quality traffic, solo ads give you the most scalable traffic!

What this means is that, if List Infinity & IPS earn you $2 (instantly) for every $1 you invest, then you're rich! It's a mathematical certainty.

Try Udimi (use the banner inside List Infinity), Traffic Authority (accessible inside Multiple Income Funnel), and Traffic Domination (inside OLSP).

These are proven to convert!

Your Final Traffic Source Revealed Soon... Stay Tuned!

CyberWins.com will never share or rent your information. You're in good hands. We're only here to help. The more proficient we are at helping you to succeed, the more our own success grows. We've been a well-known marketing coach for over a decade now. Our CyberWins.com staff and team are only interested in your success and never do anything unethical.

*As with any business undertaking or investment opportunity, never invest more than you're willing to lose. No income guarantees can or will be made. You may make a life-changing fortune. You may make nothing. You may make something in between. Your own work ethic, implementation, marketing skills, time allotment, and budget may all play a role in your results. Of course, events outside of our control, such as the market itself or dumb luck, may also factor into both your success... and our own. One never knows,

we can tell you that we're mighty confident in this proven process!

**CyberWins.com (our site) is not associated with Facebook, Traffic Authority, TikTok, Instagram, Traffic Domination, MyLeadGenSecret, Udimi, ClickMagick, Thrive Themes, GetResponse, List Infinity, or any other program or tool covered throughout the duration of this 60-day coaching program. This program is for educational purposes only.

We are unable to provide refunds for any traffic or upgrades you choose to purchase. All refund requests must be presented to individual system owners.

CyberWins.com are merely an affiliate site... and a very willing participant... just like you're about to be, should you decide to take advantage of this amazing process! :)

Thanks for being here today. Let's begin...and rock this!

We are unable to provide refunds for any traffic or upgrades you choose to purchase. All refund requests must be presented to individual system owners.

CyberWins.com are merely an affiliate site... and a very willing participant... just like you're about to be, should you decide to take advantage of this amazing process! :)

Thanks for being here today. Let's begin...and rock this!

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